Our historical position is doubtless a privileged and risky one. We have gathered the experience of an intense 20th century, in which the human being had to overcome critically complex situations, and we have now the fascinating opportunity to configure the newly begun 21st century from its foundations and as main actors. This demands, first of all, a deep and comprehensive understanding of the world in which we live, in order to prepare from there the world in which we will live.

The Program of Humanistic Studies provides an academic space that favors the joint development of teaching, thought, and life. There are no islands in the cultural world, let alone in our time of instant communication. For this reason, the Program points at generating an interdisciplinary space, enriched by each one’s specific education and their teaching experience.

This program is offered as a Career of Teaching Education for academics of Universidad Austral. Its curricular design is structured around three axes, namely the scientific, the pedagogical and the humanistic education. It not only endeavors to strengthen and to harmonize them, but also to foster interdisciplinary studies.

Even though the Program of Humanistic Studies is a unified project, it is designed with enough flexibility to allow each academic to deepen the topics which are more relevant in their own sphere of teaching and research.

The requirements for obtaining the Diploma of Humanistic Studies are: to take the four obligatory courses of the Program and to take another 28 credits in a wide variety of courses. At least 10 of these credits must belong to the didactics-pedagogy axis, and another 10 to philosophy courses. The optional courses have a variable length, one credit representing 10 teaching hours. Several courses will be offered in Universidad Austral’s different campuses.

Director of the Program: Dr. Claudia Vanney (cvanney@austral.edu.ar)