The MA and PhD in Philosophy of Natural and Cognitive Sciences at Austral University offer a solid interdisciplinary foundation to tackle with the utmost academic rigour the fundaments of the natural and cognitive sciences.

Eligible candidates for these degrees are Spanish-speaking scholars based in Latin America with undergraduate degrees on philosophy, religion, or the natural and cognitive sciences. A central goal of these degrees is the consolidation of a regional Latin American research community, linked with other regions of the world, which can continue to engage in the future. The international composition of the faculty offers the possibility to interact with specialists of different intellectual traditions.

The degrees are blended, including online courses and four intensive on Campus weeks at Austral University. The curricula are divided into three cycles:

– The foundation cycle introduces the essential contents for interdisciplinary dialogue between the natural and cognitive sciences, philosophy and theology.
– The methodological cycle promotes the development of skills necessary for academic research: academic writing, conference presentations, and the preparation of a dissertation plan.
– The specialisation cycle offers a wide selection of elective seminars, conceived for students to delve deep in their own research topics.

The final dissertation will be the result of personal research on topics within the intersection of the sciences, philosophy and/or theology.

A distinctive feature of these programmes is the personalised academic tutoring. Each student will have online periodic tutorials with an academic tutor, who will assist the student in her progression through the degree, the selection of the elective seminars and the research topic for her research. The on Campus weeks will provide the opportunity to meet personally with tutors and students, as well as with dissertation supervisors.

The first cohort will be selected through an open call for applications for scholarships. The deadline for the submission of applications is 3 May 2020. Application documents should be sent via email in .pdf form to, with the subject “Solicitud – Beca Doctorado [o Maestría]”. The MA and PhD will start on 20 July 2020.


Director: Claudia Vanney

Co-Director: Ignacio Silva

Academic Board: Claudia Vanney, Ignacio Silva, Juan Francisco Franck

Assessing Academic Board: Mariano Asla, Juan José Sanguineti, Miguel De Asúa, Olimpia Lombardi, Belén Mesurado, Cristina Carriego

These programmes have been subject to a double peer-review nationally and internationally.

The degrees have received a favourable review from Comisión Nacional de Evaluación y Acreditación Universitaria (CONEAU), session N° 517, Act N° 517, 16/12/2019.