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The discussion group Divine Grace and Human Disgrace in Suffering was made up of professors from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, coming from Nursing, Medicine, Biology, Philosophy and Theology, under the direction of Dr. Mariano Asla and Dr. Omar Pivetta.

From August 2015 to May 2016, 7 meetings were held in which two participants briefly presented the proposed bibliography, then opening the discussion. The first meeting was led by Dr. Ignacio Silva from the University of Oxford.

Through two open conferences, the issues discussed by the group were shared with the entire academic community. The first conference, on 9 December 2015, was led by Dr. Agustín Echavarría from the University of Navarra, and dealt with God and the Mystery of Evil. The second one, which took place on 24 May 2016, was led by Prof. Eleonore Stump from the University of Saint Louis, and was titled: Suffering and the Desires of the Heart.

The meetings followed the following program:

  • 25 August: The problem of Special Divine Action. Speaker: Ignacio Silva.
  • 8 September: Laws of nature, free will and special divine action. Speakers: Juan F. Franck and Mariano Asla.
  • 13 October: Special divine action and the Problem of Evil. Speakers: Cristina Viñuela and Sara Consigli.
  • 4 November: In search of an answer: from human suffering to divine suffering. Speakers: Agustín Silberberg and María Echevarría.
  • 11 December: Introduction to the topic of evil in the discussion of analytic philosophy of contemporary religion. Speaker: Agustín Echavarría.
  • 16 May: The narrative approach of Eleonore Stump to the Problem of Evil. Speakers: Omar Pivetta, Jorge Aquino, Marcelo Villar, Ángela Suburo, Fr. Manuel Delía.
  • 23 May: The problem of suffering: A Thomistic approach. Speaker: Eleonore Stump.

The group joined the Special Divine Action Project at the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion (University of Oxford), funded by the John Templeton Foundation