Principal Researcher: Claudia E. Vanney

Researchers: Cristina Richaud, Ignacio Aguinalde, Juan José Sanguineti e Ivana Anton Mlinar.

Project Duration: 2019-2020

Amount Awarded: $180,000

The aim of this project is to explore a cognitive explanation for interdisciplinary research. Its main hypothesis is to affirm that to reverse the excess of specialization giving rise to enrichment between disciplines it is necessary to migrate from the existing epistemic plurality towards a collaborative process of social cognition. The psychological phenomenon of joint attention will be explored for this, seeking to extend it towards the consideration of joint intellectual attention that can account for interdisciplinary research. The relationship of the second person established between the researchers and the required intellectual dispositions will be analyzed. First, it will seek to base the hypotheses from the philosophy of knowledge. Secondly, it will seek to operationalize the notions proposed to develop a tool for empirical evaluation of joint intellectual attention in interdisciplinary research.