From 29 November until 10 December 2021, the graduate students taking the MA and PhD programmes in Philosophy of the Natural and Cognitive Sciences at the Philosophy Institute came together for the first time at the University Campus in Pilar (Argentina). During these two weeks they got met each other personally and had the opportunity of taking several courses in person. Our students arrived from all across Latin America, including Mexico (Aguascalientes, Queretaro and Puebla), Colombia (Bogota and Cali), Venezuela (Caracas), Peru (Lima and Arequipa), Chile (Santiago), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rafaela and Tucuman), and Uruguay (Montevideo).

Students were able to interact among themselves, with the directors and professors of the programmes, and with the special guest, professors Andrew Pinsent (Oxford, United Kingdom), Georg Gasser (Augsburg, Germany), and Miguel de Asúa (Buenos Aires, Argentina), who offered courses on the second person perspective, action theory, and theory of evolution respectively.

In addition, students took part in specially dedicated panels discussing the preparation of their dissertation projects and the writing of their actual MA and PhD theses. The presence of professors Juan José Sanguineti and Olimpia Lombardi (both members of the Faculty of the Philosophy Institute) was the highlight of these panels, sharing their vast experience in the supervision of MA and PhD dissertations.