We are an Argentinian university with a regional role in Latin America and our aim is to change the social reality of the world around us. We want to increase our participation in the great national debates, beginning with local topics of interest in the district of Pilar, where our main headquarters are located.

We are convinced that people can create changes in social structures and organizations, respecting the core of the individual and ethical principles. This means that as a university, through teaching, research and exchange, our goal is to prepare excellent professionals with a commitment to social transformation as well as a conviction to become better people as drivers for change.

These goals will be achieved with the collaboration of the whole academic community: students, alumni, teachers, administrative sta , corporations and social organizations we connect with, and all those people and institutions that share the same passion to fulfill our mission.






As a higher education institution, Universidad Austral intends to serve society by seeking the truth in all its dimensions, advancing and disseminating knowledge with a universal outlook.

This broad view of reality drives Universidad Austral to open to others and to foster the interdisciplinary spirit that characterizes university work, providing an environment that favors interactions among people.

Day after day, Universidad Austral expands its community, engaging academics, professionals, practitioners, students and graduates, against a backdrop of intellectual freedom, responsibility, cultural diversity, and the respect for others. At Universidad Austral, many people who think differently put their knowledge and expertise to the test in order to create new ideas that can potentially benefit society.

Universidad Austral’s mission focuses on the individual as the center of all its teaching, research, transfer, medical assistance, and university extension undertakings. Its humanistic approach concentrates in the development of virtues –such as honesty, friendship, hard work, effort, and the ongoing desire to learn– with a professional and social application.

Thus, Universidad Austral aspires to endow our community members’ personal talents with social and public intellectual leadership to make a more human contribution to transforming society. It promotes collaborative work among universities and society stakeholders, both locally and internationally, building a realm of constant learning and advancement.


Universidad Austral’s Christian identity drives its community to embrace the love taught by Jesus in the Gospel, with the freedom He has granted us Himself. From this standpoint, we strive to find a balance between faith and reason to address the specific issues facing today’s world.

We understand individual dignity based on people’s transcendent life destiny. Thus, Universidad Austral offers Christian education activities to nourish individuals’ spiritual dimension, in a setting of personal freedom and respect for people with other beliefs. We encourage our community members to apologize when they make a mistake and to forgive others with understanding and empathy. We seek to create a solidarity-based culture, learning to listen to the problems and desires of others. We exchange views with those who think differently to jointly build fruitful communications.

We foster solidarity by providing volunteer work opportunities for our university community members to help those besieged by vulnerability.

Universidad Austral promotes human rights such as life, healthcare, education, social justice, environmental care, and the search for the common good, among others, always in an inclusive environment where people’s ideals are respected.


Saint Josemaría inspired the creation of Universidad Austral, encouraging universities to address the needs of all individuals, to provide a forum for exchanges and understanding, and to educate citizens who are willing to build a fairer society.

With the same drive, Opus Dei currently helps Universidad Austral to incorporate Christian principles into teaching, academic contents, and even its management practices.

In one of its key messages, Opus Dei promotes the enrichment of life by finding God in our daily work and using it to serve others.