Universidad Austral intends to serve society by pursuing truth, creating and disseminating knowledge, educating on virtues, and catering to every individual’s transcendent destiny, providing intellectual, professional, social and public leadership.


Universidad Austral aspires to promote the development of its people and to enhance its contribution to society locally, with growing international recognition.

To this end, our University intends to:

  1. Further strengthen its academic offering quality (personalized teaching, research and knowledge transfer), with an underscored openness to innovation.
  2. Work with a focus on coordination, pursuing synergy and cross-discipline opportunities in academics and management.
  3. Take steps to professionalize all areas and management processes, introducing the notion of economic sustainability into all initiatives.

Universidad Austral’s Milestones


  • ACES (Asociación Civil de Estudios Superiores) is created as a nonprofit intended to deliver higher education programs.


  • ACES founds IAE Business School, one of Argentina’s pioneer business management graduate schools. With the support of Barcelona-based IESE, IAE delivers its first Top Management Program at today’s Duhau Palace, on Alvear Street. ACES also acquires its first site for IAE at 2373 Agüero Street.


  • IAE offers its first Excutive MBA Program.


  • The Research and Graduate Institute is created to promote research activities and to deliver advanced training courses on Law and Social Sciences.


  • Argentina’s Ministry of Education grants a provisional permit to Universidad Austral, initially started at Juncal 831. The School of Business Sciences starts operating in Rosario, at a building located on Paraguay Street, offering a B.A. in Business Science degree program.
  • The Administrative Law M.A. Program is created.
  • Acquisition of the first University’s building at 125 Juan de Garay Avenue.


  • The School of Information Sciences (later known as School of Communications) opens its doors on the Garay Building’s sixth floor to offer a B.A. in Social Communication program.
  • The Business Law M.A. Program is delivered for the first time.


  • The Engineering School opens for business, delivering its Industrial and IT Engineering programs.
  • The Institute for Family Sciences is created.
  • The first Corporate Legal Counsel M.A. Program is delivered in Rosario.


  • Universidad Austral’s Law School is founded.


  • The School of Biomedical Sciences is created, with its Medical and Nursing Schools delivering their MD and BS in Nursing programs, respectively.
  • The University creates its Philosophy Doctoral Program jointly with Universidad de Navarra.


  • The University creates its Law Doctoral Program.
  • The University launches its Social Communication Doctoral Program.


  • The University inaugurates its Pilar Campus, where IAE Business School is the first of the University’s Schools to settle in.
  • IAE Business Schools launches its Full-Time MBA program.
  • The University creates its Sports Department.
  • Ismael Sánchez Elía, Universidad de Navarra’s first Chancellor, receives the first honorary degree ever conferred by Universidad Austral.


  • The School of Biomedical Sciences moves to the University’s Pilar Campus.
  • The School of Education starts delivering its Education Organization and Management B.A. degree program.
  • The University’s Law School introduces its Tax Law Specialization.
  • A new M.S. in Organizations’ Communication Management is launched.


  • The Austral University Hospital is inaugurated at the University’s Pilar Campus.
  • The Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences is launched.
  • The University’s Law School starts delivering specialization courses on Public Service Regulation Law and Criminal Law.
  • The LLM and JD Degrees’ Programs are instituted.
  • The School of Business Sciences starts delivering its CPA program.


  • Universidad Austral becomes the first private university in Argentina to attain full autonomy, complying with all the requirements established by the Higher Education Act (Law Number 24,521), and was formally instituted by Executive Decree Number 300/02 –signed by Argentina’s President.
  • The School of Business Sciences starts delivering its MBA Program in Rosario.


  • At a ceremony chaired by Universidad Austral’s Honorary Chancellor, Monsignor Javier Echevarría, Opus Dei’s Prelate, Professors Ignacio Angelelli (Philosophy), Tomas Hökfelt (Medicine), and Alfonso Nieto Tamargo (Communications) were conferred an Honorary Doctoral degree.


  • The School of Biomedical Sciences delivers its first Master’s Degree in Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research Program.


  • The School of Biomedical Sciences starts its Neonatal Nursing Specialty Program.


  • The Austral University Hospital opens its Pediatrics Floor.
  • Universidad Austral’s Sports Campus is inaugurated in Pilar.
  • The Engineering School starts its first graduate program, a Master’s Degree in Data Mining Program.


  • The Program for a Master’s Degree in Agribusiness is created (School of Business Sciences).
  • The Tech Room starts operating at the Austral Scientific, Technological and Business Park in the University’s Pilar Campus.
  • The Institute for Family Sciences launches its Family Counseling Technical Degree Program.
  • The Undergraduate Programs for Business Sciences and CPA are delivered in Buenos Aires.
  • The School of Biomedical Sciences starts its Specialty Program on Healthcare Institution Management and Administration. It also launches its Master’s Degree Programs on Physiopathology, Biochemistry, and Endocrinology, as well as its Programs on Vascular Mechanics and High Blood Pressure.


  • The Austral Park’s flagship building is completed and ready to house the Park’s first company.
  • The University’s Law School starts delivering its Master’s Degree Program on Intellectual Property.
  • The Philosophy Institute is created.


  • The Engineering School opens its Metrology Lab.
  • The School of Communications opens its TV studio.


  • Universidad Austral becomes Argentina’s first educational institution to use SAP.
  • The Engineering School opens its Mechatronics Lab at the University’s Pilar Campus.


  • The construction of the Undergraduate Building started at UA’s Pilar Campus.


  • The Engineering School moved to UA’s Pilar Campus.
  • The Austral Hospital  became the first hospital in Argentina and one of the first around the world to secure the topmost accreditation for “Academic Hospitals” granted by the Joint Commission International.


  • UA’s School of Biomedical Sciences launched its Psychology Program.
  • All other UA schools –Law School, School of Communications, School of Business Sciences, and Education School– as well as its Philosophy and Family Sciences Institutes also moved to the Pilar Campus.
  • A new site was inaugurated on Cerrito Street to replace the building on Garay Street.
  • The Undergraduate Building was officially inaugurated at UA’s Pilar Campus.


  • UA opened its School of Politics, Government and International Relations to deliver its Political Sciences and International Relations Programs.