Who are the members of Universidad Austral Friends’ Association?

The Friends’ Association consists of a group of people who share friendship ties and common interests with the institution and intend to contribute to its growth with financial support and dissemination efforts.

What are the goals of Universidad Austral Friends’ Association?

Helping students

  • So that no one fails to study at Universidad Austral for financial reasons.
  • So that young graduates without financial means can complete their academic training with graduate and research programs.

Contributing to the University’s growth and maintenance

  • Providing financial support to improve its equipment and premises.

Supporting research

  • Funding research projects that lack the necessary resources.

Who are Universidad Austral’s friends?

Universidad Austral’s friends know the University, share its principles, values and ideals, and contribute to its growth. They are individuals, companies and institutions that consistently and regularly help to advance the Association’s goals.