No one who wants to study at Universidad Austral should be prevented from applying for financial reasons.

The University has instituted a scheme of Scholarships and University Loans to help students according to their needs and academic merits from their freshman year.

To contribute to Universidad Austral’s scholarship system, please fill out the form in the Making a Contribution webpage. To apply for a scholarship, please check program options in the Admissions website.

Testimonies from students who have received Universidad Austral’s financial aid to complete their programs.

  • Santiago Castro Videla

    It is comforting to know that, even at times like this, there are people who generously support the efforts and drive of young university students with financial difficulties. These people provide the material means to help us make our way into the hard and exciting path of a demanding university program, with their eyes set on the transformation society needs. However, it should be noted that, as in my case, Dr. Ernesto O’Farrell’s help did not only involve providing financial assistance. Indeed, his generous support has led me to get to know a great human being, an excellent professional and noble intellectual, with whom I do not only share a friendship that I hope will grow stronger over the years but for whom I also feel sincere admiration and affection.

  • Lourdes Perea Muñoz, Engineer

    Choosing a university is almost as important as choosing a career. An undergraduate program provides us with a degree, while the university –based on its principles- gives us a comprehensive education, defining the way in which we are going to practice our profession. Not everyone is able to choose the university where we want to study, and that is why I want to thank Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes for my scholarship, which afforded me the opportunity to acquire not only the technical engineering knowledge but also the professional and work ethics that I learned from the example of Universidad Austral’s entire staff.

  • Anonymous student from Universidad Austral’s Engineering School

    I joined this program like some of my brothers. For a number of reasons, I was forced to apply for a loan, which was granted to me. Fortunately, I was able to maintain a sound academic performance. One day, I was called in and told that the school had selected me for a scholarship granted by Edesur. This scholarship meant a considerable relief in terms of loan payments. Later, I was lucky enough to receive a partial scholarship –this time, from Endesa. Both scholarships proved instrumental to lowering my debt. However, last year I received some news that filled me with joy: the University also reaches out to people who can sponsor students in financial distress who have a good academic performance. To this end, a scholarship application file is prepared. A lady, who can be described as “my fairy godmother”, saw my file and decided to pay for my monthly fee. It is impossible for me to find the words to thank this woman who anonymously made it possible for me to continue my education. All I can do is express my gratitude to her and to all the companies that so generously contribute to our education.

  • Anónima

    We –my family and myself- will be forever grateful to the people who, with their daily work, make it possible for youths like me to have a top-tier university education. I want to take this opportunity to thank them and encourage them to keep up their generous contributions.