Universidad Austral is the first Argentine university to forge an agreement with Coursera, the world’s leading online education platform.

This is ground-breaking partnership with an international leader that intends to offer quality education around the world. UA, renowned for its classroom higher education programs and its personalized, student-centered approach, seeks to expand its presence in online education.

This significant challenge drives UA to work with the highest e-learning quality standards, relying on a worldwide platform. We are pursuing a scheme that integrates innovation and new technologies to the wealth of knowledge found in classrooms and in the one-on-one relationship among faculty and students.

We firmly believe that superior quality learning and teaching should join the new higher education paradigm enabled by cutting-edge technologies, addressing the needs of a new cohort of students who have unique traits.

To view Universidad Austral’s courses available on Coursera, please click here.

“This is a very important challenge, one which drives us to provide an online education service of the highest quality, through a platform of global reach. We believe in a model in which innovation and new technologies are integrated into the classroom and the richness that a student-professor relationship implies.”

Dr. Fernando Fragueiro, Universidad Austral President.

Latin America is passionate about online education. Over three million students have registered in our platform. We are honored to further our commitment to expanding access to the best learning experiences in the region and in Argentina particularly by welcoming Universidad Austral as our first partner university in this country”.

Rick Levin, Coursera’s CEO.

Universidad Austral’s education quality is exactly what our students are looking for. We are delighted to have built this new partnership with UA to expand our offerings in Spanish, the second most popular language at Coursera after English“.

Giovanni Dubois, Head of Coursera’s University Partnerships in Latin America.