stanford-09This field trip spanned from August 30 through September 8, and participants visited Buenos Aires and Lima to explore the following three fundamental questions:

  1. What drivers fueled economic development, and what hurdles impaired growth over the past 30 years?
  2. What public policies have promoted the inclusion of disenfranchised groups and workers to the labor force, education, healthcare and social support?
  3. What conditions have led to business and entrepreneurship growth?

As companies grow, how do they go about including low-income people in their growth?

The seminar was delivered by Dr. Héctor Rocha, professor at Universidad Austral’s IAE Business School; Franco Moccia, Buenos Aires City’s Minister of Transport and Urban Development, and Mariano Mayer, Entrepreneurship State Secretary.

Three students served as field trip leaders: Tal Lee Anderman (United States), Diego Arguelles (Mexico), and Jenna Nicholas (United Kingdom). They were joined by twenty-five of their classmates with a passion for understanding how to use their business skills to overcome the challenges and to seize the opportunities in emerging economies. Two top-tier Stanford MBA Program’s faculty members, Dana Foarta (Political Economy) and Kathryn Shaw (Economics), as well an advisor also participated in the seminar and shared their knowledge.

The attending students included: Jesse Samuel Buckingham (Australia), Alexander Avery  (United States), Michael Ang Fu (United States), Nishita Bakshi  (United States), Fahed Noel Ayoub (United States), Hunain Mandvia (Pakistan), Deanna Ping (United States), Caitlin Rebecca Pomeroy (United States), John Philip Gobok (Philippines), Kelly Souls (United States), Khalid  Walid Mohd Derbas (Jordan), Manuel Thomas Waenke (Austria), Yasmin Mohamed Hesham ElBaily (Egypt), Ashley Jane Brasier (United States), Hannah Marie Honzel (United States), Katherine Victoria Comee (United States), Devin Michael Kelsey (United States), Jenna Nicholas (United Kingdom), Sadhna Gupta (United States), Rushil Prakash (India), Tal Lee Anderman (United States), Faeza Asvat Patel (Panama), Taylor Ray (United States), Martin Rudigier (Germany), Diego Arguelles Llausas (Mexico), Anna Schleusener (United States), Soumya Nettimi (United States), Rishabh Gupta (India), Octavia Daniela Foarta (Romania), Anthony Salomone (United States), and Shaw Lee Kathryn (United States). Universidad Austral is honored to have welcomed them and values their insights.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business serves a student population aged 30 to 32 and has ranked number one in the world in recent years. It is the most selective graduate school in the United States, with a 5.5% admission rate. Its characteristic horizontal style and its DNA combining entrepreneurship and big corporations support its quest to “Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world.”

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Universidad Austral ranks among the world’s top universities under 50 and Latin America’s most renowned universities at the QS World University Rankings.