Universidad-Austral-Noah-Mamet-en-la-Universidad-AustralAs part of the celebrations of Universidad Austral’s 25th anniversary, Mamet praised the University’s “campus ecosystem”, underscoring “the fantastic collaboration program in place between the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Austral University Hospital.”

When asked about the prospects of new U.S. investments arriving in Argentina this year, Mamet replied, “Yes, for two reasons: human talent and opportunities. Nowadays, there are 500 American companies in Argentina, including Dow, Cargill, and General Motors. Then, it is a matter of their reinvesting here, and I’m sure they will.”

To illustrate the opportunities in Argentina, the U.S. ambassador mentioned renewable energy. “An Argentine law establishes that 8% of the energy used comes from renewable sources by 2018, and currently renewable energy only accounts for 1%. I know that Dow is working with Invap to choose the best sites for wind energy parks, and Pan American Energy is building solar energy parks.”

“In California, where I come from, we’re closing in on 50%. We know what works, how to do it in a cost-efficient way, and how to help companies make money in the process,” he remarked.

“There is a huge interest in Argentina, and we need to raise even more awareness on the progress and developments unfolding here,” he added.

Regarding education, the ambassador highlighted programs such as Friends of Fullbright, promoted by President Barack Obama, and other exchange programs intended to “build bridges among countries.”

To conclude, Mamet recalled that “when I arrived, I said that we had to increase connectivity at all levels, because we share many values. Our nations were built on the foundations of immigration, public education, freedom of speech, and democracy.”

Universidad Austral ranks among the world’s top universities under 50 and Latin America’s most renowned universities at the QS World University Rankings.