Universidad Austral is introducing a new logo, incorporating the notion of “25 years” to commemorate the anniversary it will celebrate in 2016.

The logo was updated by a team consisting of Institutional Communications Department’s members and Professor Carlos Ávalos, of the Graduate School of Communications, who worked with his partner, Gonzalo Petracchi, from La Cocina Identidad de Marcas consulting agency. The working process unfolded in several stages, including interviews with the University’s Board and leading officials, identity workshops conducted at all three of the School’s sites with 60 participants, and surveys to 208 students and alumni from all academic units. The key findings from this research study led to updating some logo traits, such as its color, font and symbol –technically known as isotype. The purpose of the new symbol is to clarify the message that has always been conveyed, which hinges on the emphasis on enabling all individuals to leverage their unique talents.

“We wanted a symbol that clearly and strongly conveyed our commitment to help people to reach their full potential and to hone their talents. Indeed, the wisdom tree and the Southern Cross constellation’s stars symbolize every single individual. We have chosen the Southern Cross not only to point to our place of origin but also to stand for the shining fruits we aspire to contribute to society,” elaborated Carlos Ávalos.

In turn, Gonzalo Petracchi added, “We redesigned our iconic tree so that it is supported by the book of wisdom, pointing to the academic meaning without compromising the connotations of life and growth in freedom. We believe this symbolic unit simplifies, clarifies and also broadens the true meaning of our symbol.”

“It was with the same spirit that we chose to highlight our name, underscoring its leading role and redesigning its font to communicate a more updated look that in no way undermines its strength and elegance,” noted Carlos.

“Finally, we have changed the brand’s foremost color, shifting to a fresher, more vibrant and dynamic shade of blue to convey our youthfulness and our commitment to continue improving and innovating,” concluded Gonzalo.

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Universidad Austral ranks among the world’s top universities under 50 and Latin America’s most renowned universities at the QS World University Rankings.