investigacion-premio-zanotti“I met Gabriel at school, and we became friends. We’ve worked together; I’ve read his books and attended his lectures. As a result, I believe there’s no one more tolerant than him. I hope he gets more recognition for his accomplishments and the discoveries he has made,” said Council member de la Torre in her opening speech.

In turn, Councilman Huici noted, “Zanotti brings together and weighs fairly ideas that seem to have been taken lightly. This is a very well-deserved reward for enlightening us with the ideals he upholds.”

Deeply grateful for this honor, Gabriel pointed out that this was “an act of profound friendship by Council members.” He also referred to Argentina’s current situation, saying, “This room was named to honor an Argentine president who marked the nation’s return to democracy. Would it be too hard for us to try to return to it once again? These are delicate times; I hope we can build a republican democracy some day.”

Source: School of Communications

Photo: Legislatura @DGPrensa

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