The School Management Sciences in Rosario offers international and local students a 4-week program featuring: Doing Business in Latin America and Latin American Economy. Both courses are conducted in English allowing the student to earn 6 credits or 12 ECTS total. In addition, several complementary Spanish lessons allow the participants to acquire some basic language skills to help them interact with the locals.

The program also comprises visits to companies so as to supplement the lectures and coursework with a field experience. A seminar on agribusiness, led by the Centre for Agribusiness Studies at Universidad Austral, gives the program its final touch. Rosario means a unique opportunity to learn about agriculture-related industry and businesses in Argentina’s leading agricultural area.

Romina Robles
Degree programs coordinator

(0054 0341) 522-3000 Int. 3075

Paraguay 1950, Rosario, Santa Fe.


This program is designed to provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge they need in order to act proficiently in different business situations. Particular emphasis is given to the performance in Latin American environments.

General overview:


  • Title: Doing Business in LatAm
  • Dates: July 3th – July 17th (4 weeks)
  • Credits: 6 ECTS (3US Credits). Students who wish to gain credits should ask their own institutions in advance about the acceptability of the Summer School evaluation for credit purposes.
  • Language of instruction: All courses will be taught in English, and no second language ability is required.
  • Pedagogical content: The module will be made of:
  • Pre-reading
  • Taught classes
  • Group projects
  • Personal study time
  • Guest speakers
  • Cultural visits


  • Housing: Universidad Austral would help arrange a suitable housing situation for the students.
  • Students will be given a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program if they fulfill the attendance requirements of the courses (90 academic contact-hours). If a student decides to participate in the evaluation and submits all assignments, he/she will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion and Assessment.


    Course Total hsInstructor
    Latin American Business46 hsMBA. Ciro Lavadenz


    Latin American Economics44 hsPhD. Ana Inés Navarro

    PhD. Roberto Feeney

    PhD. Carlos Steiger


    Main Contents

    Course: Latin American Economics

    Instructors: PhD. Ana Inés Navarro, PhD. Roberto Feeney


    The course focuses on a variety of issues regarding Latin America development. Topics range from the long term (economic and institutional determinants of productivity and inequality) to the short term (episodes of inflation, stabilization, and crises, and comparative performance of different Latin American economies). Accordingly, there will be a mixture of the historical and the contemporary, all accompanied by economic models and quantitative evidence.

    Company visits: This course includes visits to companies relevant to the business activities in central Argentina. Special emphasis is given to the visit to Rosario Stock Exchange.

    Workshop: Agribusiness in Argentina , PhD. Carlos Steiger,

    The workshop included in this course will cover topics relevant to business students


    Course: Latin American Business

    Instructor: MBA. Ciro Lavadenz


    The course focuses on several issues regarding international trade transactions, with special focus on Latin-American trade. The main objectives are:

    • To develop skills to understand the complexities of the international scenario and the building of international contexts.
    • To provide basic knowledge of instruments that are used in international trade transactions.
    • To offer basic knowledge to develop a marketing strategy in the international arena.


    Spanish classes: Survival Spanish classes are included in this course.