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«Patients demand a more humane care»

«Every student needs human and intellectual training that enables us to develop fully as individuals to practice the profession in a responsible manner. So when choosing a place to study, not only it is important to consider the academic level of the institution but also the values it has. Nursing is a profession that seeks to integrate scientific knowledge with the development of the whole person, so it is essential that the professionals can prepare and train themselves permanently, in favor of their own development and in service to others; the Nursing School of the FCB promotes this and urges nurses to maintain a hunger for growth«.

Mary Constance German
Graduated 2007 / School of Nursing

«I believe that nursing is a profession clearly growing and possessing unlimited development capabilities. In my experience it has been essential the human focus that the University provides,as well as the interest in career advancement and training of competent professionals, has enabled me to provide the most professional and comprehensive care to the community. Currently I am working in the oncology area of the Children’s Hospital J. P. Garrahan and I can say that from the first day, being around and accompanying in the broadest sense the sick, has been one of the most rewarding, largest and richest tasks I’ve ever experienced».

Josephine Werner
Nursing Degree in UA
J. Pediatric Hospital P. Garraham / Oncology Service

To study the Bachelor of Nursing is to discover the value of a profession that is having a significant growth and development in the area of health. In turn, it involves making a commitment to the reality of the country by participating in activities that contribute to improving the quality of life its people. The School of Nursing seeks to lead the training of professionals to:

  • Promote self-care through education within the community
  • Exercise direct care on people
  • Manage nursing services in hospitals and health centres
  • Promote scientific research

There are two undergraduate programs in the Nursing School

  • Nurse  Professional (3 years)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (5 years)

Internships and job prospects:

90% of our graduates are working in first level health centers, both nationally and internationally. They are involved in direct nurse care, teaching, research and management of health services.