Contact: Lic. Magalí Porto / (54) (0230) 448 2157
  • Title: Medical Doctor.
  •  Duration: 6 years (5 plus rotating clinical internship).
  • Courses are giving from Monday to Friday, 9:00-18:00 hours, with a free afternoon/week.
  • Place: University Campus at Pilar (Juan D. Perón 1500, Pilar).




The FCB aims to train professionals to work in an interdisciplinary way in the area of health care, with a comprehensive, scientific, human and a profound ethical vision of the value of life. It aims to develop all academic activities related to health sciences.

The Medical School at the FCB seeks to instil in its students a transcendental vision of the professional role. The main goal of its personalized education system aims to lead the training of professionals in the following aspects:

  • Updated knowledgeof scienceandhandling of moderndiagnosticand therapeutic means
  • Skills andcapabilitiesrequired for access tobasic and clinical research projects.
  • Integral human formationwhich will result inoptimalpatient-provider relationshipanda great respect forthe human person fromthebeginning to the endof life
  • High competitive level innational and international arenas

The academic life is developed in the university campus which houses the Academic Health Centre, composed by teaching staff of the FCB, professionals of Austral University Hospital and basic researchers working in the Basic-Applied Research Area.

Students have excellent conditions for learning medicine including:

  • Contact with patients from the first year.
  • Optimal ratio among numbers of teachers and students.
  • Access to the latest technology applied to education.
  • Virtual Support to courses.
  • Mandatory practical classes at medical centres in upper courses (3rd to 5th year), which take place in private and public institutions. Clinical rotations during  the 6th year in institutions within Argentina or abroad. We have institutional agreements with: U. Penn, Karolinska Institutet, Sydney University, University of Navarra and Campus Biomedico University, among others.
  • Contact with researchers of scientific excellence. Possibility of research practices in different subjects throughout the career.

Job placement of physicians:

  • 87% ofour graduateshave accessedmedical residencies, a very high percentagein the country.  10%areengagedinteaching and research inthe country and/or abroad.
  • According to asurvey conducted bythe Ministry of Healthof the Government ofthe City ofBuenosAires, theFCBis thefirst facultyaccreditedCONEAU with moreefficient accesstoresidencies in hospitals of this city.