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The doctorate is the highest academic degree awarded by the FCB at Austral University. This course is designed to train top-level college graduate academics to contribute to the development of knowledge in the field of biomedical sciences. It is intended that the candidate acquires the ability to develop a research project and carry it out in any area of ​​biomedical sciences he/she chooses.

In contrast to undergraduate education which is structured through a defined curriculum and is carried out in a tutelary way by the FCB, doctoral students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning process. They are guided to acquire training in medical sciences and humanities that integrate biomedical knowledge so they can grasp an object of scientific study from diverse perspectives.  The range of skills they acquire will enable them to conduct their own research projects in the future.

In the process of generation of knowledge through original research, PhD students are expected to show an attitude of generosity and openness for communication of knowledge. Therefore, the Plan includes a certain dedication to teaching undergraduate and/or graduate courses in the area in which the research project is being carried out.

Specific objectives of the Doctoral Plan include:

  • The PhD students must be able to develop a plausible and reasonable working hypothesis to be performed in a reasonable period of time not to exceed five years (except for justified reasons) and that’s unlikely to be completed within a period of less than three years.
  • Working themes should involve a combination of methodologies to address the proposed study in order to achieve more focused and original information and to gain experience in interdisciplinary approaches.

Admission Requirements

Only those who have finished their undergraduate studies in fields related to health sciences in universities of Argentina or abroad, may register for the Doctorate degree. In the case of candidates with a non-Medical Doctor title, their career should be of no less of five years of duration and the application needs to be accepted by the Director of the Ph.D. career at the FCB.

Candidates with tiles awarded by foreign universities must comply with current legislation on the matter and the regulations relating to this particular situation issued by the Directory Board of the Faculty.

Requirements required to enter doctoral studies are:

  • Submit the admission application. This should include a thesis work plan, a proposal from the Director of the thesis and all documents demonstrating admission requirements are met.
  • Pass an interview with the Director of the Doctorate career or a person designed by him/her to evaluate the candidate.
  • A minimum level of English equivalent to «First Certificate» at the University of Cambridge. Those without this certificate or other valid documentation assuring similar or higher English level must take a test in accordance with the established by the Director of the career of Doctorate. Only in exceptional and justified cases, a student may undertake or continue his doctoral studies without obtaining the required level of English.