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Since their foundation, the Austral University Hospital and the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences incorporated medical residencies as an essential component in their clinical and teaching structure. Both the hospital (HUA) and faculty (FCB) make up the Academic Health Center (CAS) of Austral University.

The Hospital Medical Residency is an ideal system for the training of a newly graduated doctor in the Academic Health Center (CAS) of Austral University. It is an intensive and supervised training system in medical care, in increasingly complex acts and with gradual delegation of responsibilities. Medical residency programs allow developing and refining the comprehensive professional training for the responsible and efficient performance in one of the branches of biomedical sciences, with a high scientific, technical and ethical level. The residencies at the CAS contemplate their development as a «universitary specialization course associated to a medical residency«. 

Hospital Austral

The local and national health situation requires the training of doctors in different specialties with the ability to assist patients with diseases of varying complexity. It is essential that they have comprehensive knowledge of the specialty and that they strive to prevent and promote the health of the community they serve.

The fundamental characteristics of the resident should be: professional competence and personal integrity, responsibility and commitment to their work, solidarity with the health team, active role in their work, care and respect for human life and dignity.

Basic residencies:

  • Anesthesia. 2 vacancies
  • Cardiology. 2 vacancies
  • Surgery. 3 vacancies
  • Internal Medicine. 5 vacancies
  • Dermatology. 1 vacancy
  • Imaging. 2 vacancies
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics. 2 vacancies
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology. 2 vacancies
  • Ophthalmology. 1 vacancy
  • Pediatrics. 4 vacancies
  • Intensive Care. 1 vacancy
  • Emergencies. 2 vacancies

Postbasic residencies:

  • Gastroenterology. 1 vacancy
  • Hematology. 1 vacancy
  • Hemotherapy. 1 vacancy
  • Neonatology. 1 vacancy