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The course has as academic and professional goals to update and train participants on the latest developments in the field of endocrinology, covering aspects of molecular, biochemical and clinical studies of this subject. To facilitate the understanding of the pathophysiological interpretations of clinical cases related to clinical endocrinology that underlies the rational application of the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


  • 2 years
  • 500 hours in 4 semesters in 2 activities per month, of two days each: Friday from 14 to 19:30 pm and Saturday from 9 to 18.30.
  • Practicals: 60 hours to be held in the Faculty of Biomedical Science, Austral Hospital and specialized centers.


It will be related to the subject developed. To be elaborated with specialized tutoring from the third quarter of the career and with the guidance of a Professor of the career.


The curriculum is divided into a Basic Training Cycle (with 9 subjects) and a Specific Cycle (with 17 subjects).

Practices: in Research Centers where they will learn the basic mechanisms of cell and molecular biology and their corresponding techniques.

  • Diagnostic methods: Practical activities will be related to the determination of blood hormones using developed and commercial methods. Theoretical and practical information on diagnostic imaging (conventional and nuclear medicine) in endocrinopathies are also included.
  • Therapeutic Clinic: Practices in Clinical Endocrinology in various medical centers in direct contact with patients. Students may attend nonmedical health centers and discuss the clinical and diagnostic aspects in their own ateneos.