The Library of the FCB at Austral University occupies an area of ​​360 square meters on the fifth floor of the Academic Health Center (CAS). It provides access to different sources of updated information in the area of ​​Health Sciences; including materials and services to support and encourage the study and research activities of students, faculty, researchers and staff at FCB and HUA.

The Library has:

  • Aquietreading roomwith capacity for48 people and wireless connectivity
  • Shelvesoffree accesstobooks andmagazines
  • Twogroup studyroomsfor up tosix peopleeach,equipped with computers and internet access
  • Acomputer labwith 10stations for consultation, a laser printer andscanner.
  • An administrative work areawith computers.
  • Desk reference and services of lending books and searching of scientific articles, among others.


The Library provides the following services:

  • Reading room
  • Loan of books
  • Search ofbiomedicaljournal articles
  • Bibliographic searches
  • Interlibrary loan(agreement betweeninstitutions).
  • Advice onthe useofAISSystem(Academic Information System).
  • Training forliterature searchesinPubMedand otherdatabases.
  • Internet access.

Access to material:

Reading paper-based material is primarily located inside the reading room. The Library operates under the open shelf system, allowing readers to directly use the materials located in the room.

The material is ordered by signatures (specialties), with signposts to facilitate rapid location. Recent issues of scientific journals are exhibited in the entrance to the reading room. The University has an automated collective catalog which is available via the internet. This catalog allows multiple searching of material by author, subject, title, collection, publisher, date, ISBN or ISSN.

Contact: Liliana B. Diaz / / (54) (0230) 448 2960