The Department of Biomedical Education is an interdisciplinary team which, from the very beginning of this Faculty, performs tasks in academic management, training of its members and in the production and promotion of scientific knowledge.

It accompanies the learning process of students and professionals by collaborating in the development of competencies and skills for their academic and professional future.

It aims at contributing to the training of future medical doctors and nurses, as well as to the advancement of scientific knowledge.


  • Organization, planning and monitoring of the curriculum of undergraduate (medical and nursing) and graduate careers
  • Academic advising of students
  • University insertion activities, training in study methodology and accompanying students from inside and outside the country
  • Pedagogical advice to professors
  • Evaluation and use of educational innovations
  • Advice on development of distant learning activities
  • Organization of teaching development programs
  • Conduction of educational research, presentation of results at national and international conferences and publication of articles in scientific journals
  • Academic collaboration with other national and international medical education centres
  • Training of students as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses, through a School Assistants course. In this course methods and characteristics of pedagogy applied to health sciences teaching are explored
  • Advice on the accreditation of undergraduate and graduate careers

The activity of the Department of Biomedical Education involves the whole Faculty, from the student who is attending the admission course, until the eldest professor. Everyone should have this spirit and promote education, because there is always space for growing as an institution.


Director: Ángel Centeno / (54) (0230) 448 2635 or 2993 / 2632 / 2635


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