The Unit for Research Assessment and Promotion (UAPI) implement policies and processes to: evaluate the scientific quality of research projects, indicate the need for methodological advice, advise the Heads of Departments and Services and Investigators in the promotion of research, promote the interaction between basic and clinical researchers, advice the Academic Health Centre (CAS) regarding monitoring policy, academic assessment of its members, and preparation of the Annual Report of Research in the CAS. Part of this process is conducted in conjunction with the Clinical Research Unit (UIC).

With previous goals it will act in:

– Approval of all scientific communication made in the institution or with their participation through data of their patients or collaboration of its professionals.

– Advice the registration of research works or projects in the National Register of Investigation (RUI) after having analyzed the validity of the design, appropriateness of formulated hypothesis, feasibility and reasonableness.
– Advice though counselling professionals or research groups seeking for help to refine their projects.

– Communicate to the University all papers presented, published and projects being developed.

– Promote research in the CAS, encouraging the application of projects in research grants competitions.

– Promote the interaction of the CAS with the Austral Scientific Park for mutual scientific and technological development.

– Analyze annually the scientific publications indexed in CAS, according to impact factor analysis and benchmarking with other national academic institutions.

– Evaluate annually each service and research unit through internal or external audits regarding their annual academic production. Conduct regular meetings with the heads of these units to agree in tri-annual objectives.

– Maintain close communication with the UIC and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Management and Health Economics (CEGES) to act synergistically.

Contact: Guillermo Mazzolini M.D. Ph.D. / / (54) (0230) 448 2618