The work of the Institutional Assessment Committee (CIE) is to ensure that all research conducted within the Academic Health Center (Austral University Hospital and Faculty of Biomedical Sciences) is conducted with due respect for the dignity, integrity and personal rights of patients or healthy volunteers involved therein. These principles take precedence over any other interest, both science and society. To ensure that, investigations respect ethical principles and national and internationally accepted scientific and regulatory standards in order to preserve the physical, emotional and social development of research participants and their privacy and confidentiality of their personal data.

To fulfil its mission, the CIE evaluates all research protocols involving human beings, before the commencement of studies, giving its approval only to those projects that meet established criteria for the comprehensive protection of the people. It also monitors approved research, in order to verify compliance of such protection.


The CIE is an Institutional Review Board (IRB) providing independent and competent evaluation in ethical and methodological aspects in proposed studies, ensuring that the research is based on the latest state of scientific knowledge and that they are conducted by researchers with the training and skills appropriate for the tasks.

In addition, the CIE must ensure that research results are predictably useful for groups with similar characteristics, age or illness to which volunteers belong.

The CIE also serves as Teaching and Research Committee.

From year 2010, the CIE was formally launched as Independent Ethics Committee for external research centres outside the Austral University Hospital.

Contact: Corina Busso M.D. / cbusso@cas.austral.edu.ar / (54) (0230) 448 2617