We are a center for teaching and research in health services and policies mainly based on the structure of the Medical Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Management and Business at the University Austral, with the collaboration of professors from all academic units of this university. We are engaged with seeking of the truth, with an special emphasis on generating quality knowledge applicable in our country and leading our work toward the service of each person and the development of human and Christian values.


We aim to become a reference center in Latin America with regard to the health sector in aspects of management, clinical effectiveness, public policy and medical informatics, oriented toward the pursuit of equity and social welfare.

Major Working Areas:

  • Macroeconomics and public policy: through interdisciplinary cooperation committed to the common good and the welfare state it aims at influencing the decisions of public authorities, by assuming public responsibility in the analysis, formulation and implementation of public policies and in monitoring the use of state resources. It is focused on research trying to understand public matters at the national, provincial and municipal levels, as well as the activity of civil and international agencies. The strategic development of society is not possible without the joint contribution of the public and private sectors.
  • Microeconomics and management: An area oriented to operational research and professional training of health sector resources in the knowledge and application of tools to facilitate their effective and efficient management.
  • Clinical Effectiveness: Its activity is focused on operative research and professional training of health sector resources so that clinical practice interventions would be effective and efficient through the application of available scientific evidence.
  • Health Informatics: The purpose of this area is the promotion, development and application of medical informatics in biomedical research and clinical practice to improve patient care and the performance of health services. In this regard, it is devoted to search, store, share, and make optimal use of the biomedical information available for problem solving and decision making; to acquire, process and manage data and knowledge of biomedical sciences; to disseminate and exchange information and encourage projects research, development and education. All this is combined with the desire of fostering advance in international cooperation.

Health, education and economic development are pillars to the growth of a country. The Health Economics is an area of ​​social and economic burden which has international recognition. Modern medicine has shifted from an individual and healing activity to social and preventive ones. That is why it is essential to the formation of new professionals who could take responsibility for the consequences of their medical decisions, managing them with cost effectiveness and quality criteria.

Contact: Daniela Barros / dbarros@cas.austral.edu.ar / (54) (0230) 448 2575 / 2970