The Alumni Department has the aim to promote the establishment of Alumni Associations for all careers at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences. In addition, it gives support to alumni and helps them in their personal and professional development.

«Six years ago, the Austral University not only offered us a place as medical students, but also provided us a space within its community. A community that believes in excellence and in perseverance as a mean to achieve it, that believes in people and their call to be agents of change, who believes in inalienable values ​​that constitute us and for which we have the right and duty of hold, transmit, and spread; Christian values which are the ground rock ensuring a committed and comprehensive education.

I finish this step in my life without the nostalgia that generate farewells, but with the joy of knowing that the doors of this Faculty will always be open. With the responsibility and privilege of representing my teammates, there is space of saying Thank You!”

Maria Soledad Garcia Rossi
Graduated 2007 / School of Medicine