The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (FCB), located at Austral University campus in Pilar, has the aims of promoting research activities and forming professionals in the health area, with a deep scientific, technical and human imprint. In all its academic activity the FCB promotes an ethical vision of respect for life and for all human beings

To fulfil such objectives the FCB has a:

Interaction with Austral University Hospital

For us a key and differentiating factor is the interaction with Austral University Hospital (HUA), in which a significant number of professors perform medical care activities and students complete practical training. Both the FCB and the HUA constitute the Academic Health Centre (CAS), combining Teaching, Research and Medical Care activities. In the FCB our goal is to form competent professionals, who are not only highly competitive in their field but are also endowed with great humanity. To achieve these ends, we develop a personalized education, promoting a positive and close teacher-student relationship. In addition, our academic counselling system allows for a permanent interaction of the students with both their professors and other more advanced students in the same program. Regarding teaching, modern methodologies based in the performance of diverse tasks and the application of multiple strategies is applied. Through intensive supervised practical activities, the students acquire the necessary skills for working life. By having activities in hospitals from the first year of their undergraduate careers, the students are sensitized to patients’ problems, approximating them to the reality they will encounter in their future professional lives. All courses include a humanistic axis of subjects that aim to give Anthropological, Theological, and Ethical formation to the students enabling them to understand patients’ problems in an integral way. In these subjects special emphasis is placed on personal relationships, within and outside the Faculty, and in practical aspects of biomedical profession, such as those concerning the relationship teacher-student, doctor/nurse-patient and student-patient. It also seeks to instil in students an ethic and a morality grounded in human and Christian values, within a framework of personal freedom. This work is made possible by selecting a faculty attuned to the institutional mission of our university, which is composed by professionals with high academic standards and a solid humanistic formation. Our graduates in Medicine are characterized by a strong academic background, high competitiveness a deep humanistic formation, sufficient knowledge of current biomedical research fields, and a wide experience of interacting with patients, families and the community. Many of our alumni have had the opportunity to carry out teaching, research and clinical internships in international institutions of excellence. Our graduates in Nursing School share many of these skills and are characterized by their high academic standards, professionalizing nursing in our country to the highest international level.