The birth of philosophy is inseparable from the fundamental questions about the human being: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? The answer to these questions depends on many other issues that challenge us all, such as the relationship of the human being with Nature, what distinguishes us from other living beings, how we relate to each other (family, friendship, society, etc.) and, in a much more personal way, the meaning of our lives. In recent times these classic questions have become even more urgent due to the vertiginous development of science and technology. Many think today, for example, that in a few decades we will be able to overcome all the limits of our species, enjoying superintelligence, superlongevity and superwellbeing (Transhumanism).

In June 2018, EUNSA published the book “Quienes somos? Cuestiones en torno al ser humano” (Who are we? Questions about the human being), edited by Miguel Pérez de Laborda, Claudia E. Vanney and Francisco José Soler Gil. It deals with 59 current issues relating to the human being. More than 50 experts of different nationalities contributed to the elaboration of this volume. Among them, many researchers of the project The Brain and the Person contributed with a chapter seeking to answer a specific question.

The book is available on EUNSA’s website.

Here you may find the contents of the book.