The subte (metro) is the best way to travel within Downtown BA (Capital Federal), especially until you learn about the bus system. It runs all week long, but the timetable and frequency change during weekends. Monday thru Saturday, 6 am to 11 pm; Sundays, 8 am to 10 pm. The subte fare is AR$ 2,50. For further information, timetables, lines, etc. log on to


There are over 100 bus lines. Each of them has a number and a color combination to identify them. When you get on, you must tell your destination to the bus driver. Then, you have to insert the coins in the mechine behind his seat or push the SUBE card up againt the reader.
The fare depends on the distance. Within Capital Federal it ranges from AR$ 1,10 to AR$ 1,25 if paying with SUBE card. If paying with coins, the fare rises to around AR$ 2,50. Most lines run 24/7 , but during the weekend and at night, the frequency decreases. To get off, you must go to the middle or rear door and press the buttom to request the stop. Do it the block before your stop comes.


There are a lot of taxis in BA. They are painted black and yellow. You can stop a taxi by outreaching your hand on the street. If the taxi is available, a red light on the windscreen will be on. Radio taxis are safer because a company monitors their trips. You can call them so they pick you up in any place in town.

Know exactly where you are going and always specify the neighborhood your destination is in (a street’s name may be repeated in different areas). Taxis are cheaper in other parts of the World.