First, check if you need a Visa to enter Argentina clicking here.

If you need a visa, you will need a permit to enter Argentina. Please let us know about this situation when you apply, as this permit might take up to 3 months to have it issued.

Some important aspects to consider:

  • Staying more than 90 days: Renew your visa at the Immigration Office in Argentina, upon expiration of the 89 days in the country.
  • Staying more than 180 days: Bring a background check/criminal record issued within 60 days before arrival by the corresponding federal/national authority (e.g: FBI in the United States). For the visa, you must present a notarized translation done in Argentina or at the Argentine Consulate in your country.
  • Students from MERCOSUR[1] countries can request the visa directly at the Argentine Consulate in their country.


IMPORTANT: Occasionally airlines do not seem to be aware of the process of entering Argentina as a tourist and then switching to a “residencia” once in the country, and so students can sometimes be denied boarding at the airport. We suggest that you bring a copy of this section of Universidad Austral Handbook and the regulations surrounding this process to the airport in case it is necessary to verify Argentina’s official policy with airline personnel.


Universidad Austral provides students with the certificates they need to get their visa, and guidance throughout the process. All steps of the visa process will be explained during the orientation.


[1] MERCOSUR: Mercado Común del Sur