First, check if you need a Visa to enter Argentina clicking here.

If you need a visa, you will need a permit to enter Argentina. Please let us know about this situation when you apply, as this permit might take up to 3 months to have it issued.

Some important aspects to consider:

  • If you are staying more than 90 days, you must get the visa (called residencia) at the Immigration Office in Buenos Aires.
  • If you come from Mercosur countries, or countries affiliated to the Mercosur, you can get the visa by yourself (you do not need any documents from the University) and you can request the residencia temporaria at the Argentine Consulate in your country.
  • If you are staying more than 180 days in Argentina, you must bring a background check/criminal record from your country of residence. Required documents: Valid passport and police records from your country/ies of residence over the past 5 years. Each must have the Apostille. If these records are issued in a language other than Spanish, they will have to be translated and legalized in Argentina (translations done overseas will not be accepted). Please note that some police records have an expiration date; to be valid, yours should expire no sooner than 60 days after your arrival in Argentina.
  • Depending on the duration of your stay and type of program, you will get a transitory residence or temporary residence.
  • You should start the visa process within 30 days of arrival


For further information, download the Visa Procedure