Lunch and Dinner Options


Main Meals


It is important to bear in mind that our diet is based on meat, more specifically beef. This is something Argentina is famous for. Some of the most traditional meals are:

  • Asado: Grilled meat, generally beef, but chicken and pork too. “Asado” is a collective term which includes beef but also sausage, blood sausage, “chinchulines” (chitterlings, the small intestine), kidneys, sweetbreads, etc. You order them separately; no need to panic. Also, there are different beef cuts. There are three ways to have the beef: “cocido” (well done), “a punto” (medium), “jugoso” (rare). Mind you, “a punto” is more like medium-done, and “jugoso” more like medium-rare. Really rare beef would be “vuelta y vuelta” or “bien jugoso”.
  • Empanadas: A pastry stuffed with different fillings, such as beef, ham and cheese, onion and cheese, etc. Empanadas could be baked or deep fried.
  • Milanesas: Breaded beef (or chicken) slices, baked or deep fried.
  • Pizza: It is very popular in Argentina. There is a great assortment of toppings. And ithas lots of cheese on it. There are basically two kinds (could be three): “a la piedra” (thin dough), “al molde” (thick dough).
  • There is not a great display of creativity when it comes to salads. They are generally conceived of as a side thing, a garnish, not a course in itself. But it is possible to find good salads too.

On the whole, Argentina = beef. But do not worry: heart diseases are not more common here than in some other countries (actually less frequent than in the US, for instance), even with our beef-based diet.




  • Budín de pan: Bread pudin Flan
  • Panqueques con dulce de leche: Crepes with dulce de leche
  • Panqueques de manzana: Apple crepes flambeed with rhum (and ice-cream)
  • Helado: Gelato
  • Batata con queso: Sweet potato stiff jam on cheese

And many others…




  • Medialunas: Similar to a croissant, only that smaller and sweeter. There are two types: “medialunas de manteca” (butter) and “medialunas de grasa” (grease).
  • Facturas (danishes)
  • Churros: Another kind of pastry. It is like a cylinder, deep fried. Generally filled with dulce de leche. Hot chocolate and churros is a great combination.
  • Alfajores: A very popular snack. An alfajor looks like a small, individual cake. It has a dulce de leche layer and some sort of coating (chocolate, sugar…). There are different brands and different types too.


Dulce de leche


Dulce de leche is made of boiled milk and sugar (milk toffee and caramel are not quite the same). It does exist in other countries, but only in Argentina and Uruguay (River Plate area) is called like that. Argentines are serious about dulce de leche. It is used in deserts, in gelatos, in delis, in crepes (“panqueques”), in almost everything…




There is very good wine in Argentina, and it is relatively cheap. Mendoza is the most renowned wine-producing province, although there are a few others: San Juan, La Rioja and Salta. More recently, Río Negro (Patagonia) too.

Argentina has become famous for its Malbec wine, but there are many varieties. Just to mention the most representative wines:

  • Vino tinto (red wine)

– Malbec
– Tempranillo

  • Vino blanco (white wine)

– Torrontés: a fruity, white wine very characteristic of Salta province.
– Cosecha tardía (literally, late harvest): A sweet wine made with the grapes harvested towards the end of the season, which are naturally sweeter.

There is also “vino rosado” (rose wine), and sparkling wine as well.