Buenos Aires

Austral is conveniently located in Recoleta (1250 Cerrito St.), on of the city’s most traditional areas in downtown Buenos Aires.  The students can experience the distinctive ‘porteño’ style.  It is very easy to access using public transportation.  Some undergraduate courses, most of our graduate programs as well as the Department of International Programs are housed in our Buenos Aires building.

Foto lobby Cerrit


Pilar district, 50 km. (31 mi.) northwest of Buenos Aires, has become the fastest growing suburban area in the last fifteen years.  Pilar campus spreads over 96 hectares (240 acres) of land.  It houses the IAE Business School (graduate, business programs), our School of Medicine and Nursing, Austral’s medical center (Hospital Universitario Austral), the University’s tech park (Parque Austral), most of our undergraduate programs, several laboratories (metrology, mechatronics, etc.), as well as sports facilities.


Three hundred kilometers north of Buenos Aires, Rosario city is the centre of the richest agricultural region of the country, leading the spectacular growth of the soybeans export trade in recent years. With 1,200,000+ inhabitants, Rosario has an alluring cosmopolitan feel, supporting theaters, art museums, historical mansions, national monuments, and two professional soccer teams.  This beautiful city hosts the School of Management and Accounting and its Agribusiness Center.  As part of its regional strategy, the IAE runs some its programs here as well.