Universidad Austral is a very proactive institution, devoted to the pursuit of excellence.  Its programs continuously incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs.  The University strives to educate well-rounded individuals and is committed to promoting human values.  It is a community where students can enjoy learning creatively and responsibly.

It is about meeting high academic standards, but also about preparing the students to perform in the professional world and to become leaders in transforming society.  The contents of the curricula are taught through participatory methodologies which enable students to acquire the necessary skills to face complex problems.

Thus, Universidad Austral’s institutional project seeks to integrate the traditional and permanent university ideals with the current trends in academic organization and education management. It aspires to blend the best traditions and experiences of the European and American universities adapting them to our context.  Full-time faculty, research, interdisciplinary work, active teaching methodologies implemented with a critical attitude, as well as a fluid interaction with the social environment are paramount in its institutional culture.

Universidad Austral also offers religious education based on Christian values.  The spiritual guidance and assistance are in the hands of the Opus Dei, a Prelature within the Catholic Church.  Its ideal is to help people find fulfillment in their daily tasks (work, family life, etc.) through being of service to others.

The University is now entering a new phase as its campus in Pilar continues to grow.  Currently, the IAE Business School, the Hospital Universitario Austral (the University Hospital) and the School of Biomedical Sciences operate there.  In the years ahead, other schools and institutes will gradually have facilities in Pilar as well.  Thus the University will continue to expand its offer.  The School of Management will continue with its undergraduate and graduate programs in Rosario too.