Universidad Austral is a higher education institution created by ACES (Asociación Civil de Estudios Superiores), a nonprofit organization registered at Argentina’s National Register for Charitable Institutions.

As a higher education institution, our University intends to serve society by pursuing the truth in all its dimensions, as well as creating and disseminating knowledge with a universal view.

This broad approach to reality moves us to open ourselves to others and to foster interdisciplinary work, an essential feature of university life, and an environment that favors interactions among people.

Every day, we build a community that engages academics, professionals, students, and alumni in a setting characterized by intellectual freedom, responsibility, cultural diversity, and respect for all others, where many people who have different views put their knowledge to the test to create ideas with the potential to quickly reach society at large.

Our university mission focuses on people as the ultimate end of all our teaching, research, knowledge transfer, medical assistance, and education outreach undertakings.

Our humanistic approach leads us to zero in on the virtues that bear professional and social meaning –virtues such as honesty, friendship, industriousness, effort, and an ongoing desire to learn.

Thus, we aspire to ensure that our community members’ personal talents are supported by intellectual, social and public service leadership to provide a more human contribution that drives change in society.

We promote joint efforts by our university and social agents, both locally and internationally, to build a forum for constant learning and sustained contributions to society.



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