ACES ‘ object is to develop higher education programs. It was incorporated and granted legal status by Argentina’s Department of Justice’s Resolution Number 5025 on September 18, 1979. ACES is also registered at Argentina’s National Register for Charitable Institutions, as per the nation’s Social Development Secretariat’s Resolution Number 3913, dated November 20, 1995. In 1978, ACES founded IAE (Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales), the University’s current Management and Business School. In 1989, the institution decided to launch a project to create today’s Universidad Austral.

executive committee of ACES

  • President
    Javier Rodríguez Ruiz
  • Vicepresident
    Marcelo Suvá
  • Secretary
    Guillermo Andrés Canova
  • Treasurer
    Miguel Ángel Vardé
  • Spokesman 1
    Cristina Méndez Elizalde de Fernández Cronenbold
  • Spokesman 2
    Darío Casapíccola
  • Spokesman 3
    Enzo Liubetich
  • Substitute Spokesperson 1
    Carlos Olivieri
  • Substitute Spokesperson 2
    Adolfo Alberto López Rouger
  • Substitute Spokesperson 3
    Alberto Carneiro
  • Account Reviewer
    Bronislao Jandzio

ACES’ Board has created an Executive Committee to perform all tasks associated with Universidad Austral’s governance on its behalf, including Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Dean appointments, investment and funding decisions, strategic planning, and compensation policies.


Gabriel Sanchez Zinny

Gabriel Sánchez Zinny

Gustavo Herrero

Vice Chairman
Gustavo Herrero

Ivana Lobo

Ivana Lobo

Rector de la Universidad Austral Fernando Fragueiro

Fernando Fragueiro

Miembro de la Junta Directiva Javier Rodríguez Ruiz

Board Member
Javier Rodríguez Ruiz

Miembro de la Junta Directiva Guillermo Canova

Board Member
Guillermo Canova

Lucas Nicklison

Board Member
Lucas Nicklison

Miembro de la Junta Directiva Guillermo Fraile

Board Member
Guillermo Fraile