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The CONICET-Austral Institute Was Inaugurated

This institute focuses on the development of specific solutions for healthcare issues. Its purpose is to ensure that health-related research investments prove more efficient, with its findings helping people. Chronic pain, cellular and molecular medicine, palliative care, nanomedicine, eye care, and genetic therapy are its avenues of research.

Editorial: Physicians’ Humanitarian Education

Dr. Ángel Centeno, M.D., Academic Secretary and Medicine Program Head at Universidad Austral’s School of Biomedical Sciences, ponders physicians’ humanitarian training on Physicians’ Day. Every December 3, Carlos Juan Finlay Barrés, Cuban medical doctor and scientist who discovered how yellow fever is transmitted, is celebrated by commemorating all physicians.

Leading Is Inspiring

Argentina’s national soccer squad beat its Colombian counterpart 3 to nothing on the 12th play-off match for the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia, thus returning to the qualifying group. Sebastián Blasco, professor at Universidad Austral’s School of Psychology, discussed Lionel Messi’s leading role in this match for the local news agency Télam.

Five Principles for Premature Infant Care

Premature birth is the first cause of infant death in Argentina. A preterm baby is born before the 37th week in a pregnancy. Most premature infants’ deaths occur during their first day or week as a result of perinatal complications.

Training Professionals with a B.A. in Nursing Guarantees Safe, Quality Care

IRSA Foundation offers scholarships for Universidad Austral’s B.A. in Nursing programs.

UA Graduate Involved in a Project to Engineer Organs on a Chip

At Khademhosseini Lab, Solange Massa, a UA School of Biomedical Sciences’ graduate, is working on a project to design organs on a chip.

For the First Time Ever in Argentina, an Oncology Nursing Graduate Program

Universidad Austral’s School of Biomedical Sciences has launched Argentina’s first Oncology Nursing Graduate Program. Around 42 nursing professionals are already attending this program.