Austral University in conjunction with CivesSolutions and AIES (The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy) is offering for the first time in Latin America, the Diplomatura in Smart City led by professionals and executives from the private and public sector. Designed for key users: Government Officials, businessmen, directors, entrepreneurs and project leader son issues of citizenship, government, education, transportation, infrastructure, construction, environmental and health, as well like Startups.

The name “Diplomatura”, is an academic program of University extension that culminates with the awarding of a Diploma. Designed to cover practical theory learning focused on the effective development of solutions that are unusual or out of the box to create spaces for innovation in Smart cities, within the framework of “permanent and exponential innovation.”

This program is organized into three intensive weeks and will be developed in two cities: Buenos Aires and Vienna, where the students will have the unique opportunity to explore and experiment creative solutions to challenges related to technological advances and the sustainability of our cities.

The Duration: 120 hours (100 face-to-face, including professional visits and practices in Smart classrooms, as well as 20 on the on-campus interface)

Nowadays, around 75% of the inhabitants of the planet live in cities, it is expected that by 2050 the figure will increase 85%. It should be noted that three-quarters of the world’s energy is consumed by cities and 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by cities.

These Smart cities are presented as an alternative solution to the existing problems such as high level of innovation and learning in an environment of connectivity and cooperation that addresses the main global challenges.


Dr. Alfonso Santiago
Dr. Roberto Ramírez Basterrechea
Dr. Arnold Kammel

Lucía Bellocchio

logos smart city

3 modules that can be studied individually (with a diploma per module)